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    • zCool
      04-19 10:44 PM
      All of us might have gone wailing in streets and still it would have been the same thing..
      What happened last yr? in a word.. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama..
      He's bought and paid for by racist anti-immigrant interest groups and no way he was going to be convinced based on merits of the argument!

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    • ashkam
      09-06 09:08 AM
      1 : yes you have to file form I-539. Attach copies of her I-94, your I-94, your I-797 and her last two paychecks. Make sure you file this form before her final day at work.

      2 : It will not be against the quota. She can apply for an H1B anytime she wants and can start working once the H1B gets approved.

      3. No she does not need a stamp.

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    • Blog Feeds
      11-11 09:30 AM
      Dobbs joining Fox Business Channel.

      More... (

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    • CheckRaise
      10-09 06:12 PM
      Thanks for the responses! Sorry to reply both responses in the same thread.

      No, I havent got any audit (atleast thats what the employer/attrny says). I keep asking them for screenshot/update and getting nothing. There is already a case of a friend's(PD-Sep 08) whose constant request for information was sidelined and finally in May 09 he was told his PERM was approved in Feb 09. That was total BS, fearing something is amiss I started off on a screenshot request and I am getting stiffed saying DOL is a big pain and hard to pull up cases. I am already running on my 7th year and this BS has my blood boiling over.

      I agree with the second poster's response on the thread that its BS that its hard to pull data. Its either they dont want me to worry or they dont want me to know the case number or detail. I am inclined more towards they dont want me to know the status because on numerous trackers I see Dec '08 being processed and not even whiff on my filing something very rotten is going on. :mad:


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    • cleopatra
      02-07 10:24 AM
      Thanks for the response.

      The problem is not with current pay vs future pay. The company has other project managers (US Citizens) and will only pay what others get as PMs. The classification gave a pay that is almost 50% more than what other PMs make.

      So the company will not commit/be willing to pay that high wage. Why should they? I know my company pays more than average of what PMs get in the industry. BTW it is not a consulting company and I work directly for the company, not clients.

      I think the problem is that any kind of manager in computer/IT industry is classified under Computer information systems manager. While there can be hundreds of classifications that are not CIS managers.

      To put things in perspective, the classification is for my boss's boss. But the job done by me and my boss and his boss are totally different.

      So my question remains. How do we get classification as Project manager under EB2 with proper wages?

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    • pune_guy
      06-06 01:11 PM
      For H4:

      USCIS does not give any document stating the fact that AOS is pending. Although EAD is not required to be present in USA, if H4 is not there, only EAD is proof of valid stay.

      485 receipt is proof of AOS

      So if SSN is not there or DL (or state ID) is expired then you need EAD - EAD renewal is up to you.

      SSN has already been obtained on first EAD. Now the question is why renew EAD if one does not intend to work?


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    • Templarian
      08-20 01:08 PM
      I'll try it when I get off work in 3.5 hours and see how it goes.

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    • ImmigrationAnswerMan
      09-14 12:23 PM
      1) Any time someone takes a trip outside the US for longer than a year they are taking some risk that CBP will determine that they have abandoned their permanent residence. It would probably be OK, but there is no guarantee. If someone is taking a trip for longer than one year they must get a travel permit.

      2) Anyone who travels abroad on a trip lasting more than a year must reside in the US 4 years and a day from they date they return to the US before they are eligible to apply for naturalization (2 years and a day if applying as the spouse of a US citizen). This is true even if you have a Travel Permit. However if they have been living in the US for 365 days without leaving the US after getting the green card then they may be eligible to apply to maintain their residence in the US even through trips abroad that last longer than 365 days.

      ** This information is of a general nature and should not be relied upon without first consulting an immigration law attorney. This information is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.


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    • brij523
      02-20 11:38 AM
      please join.

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    • gimme_GC2006
      08-10 09:01 AM
      It takes about 1 to 2 weeks for the information from FBI to be tied to your case. So when your SR was raised, the inormation might not have been available yet.

      So, if you do not get greened by end of this month, raise another SR request or take an Infopass.

      Are you sure that it takes about 1 or 2 weeks? I have seen in this forum people getting approved few days after finger prints?

      Just trying to understand, if it is a fact or gut feel


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    • panvel123
      09-26 05:11 PM
      I sent a single check for me and my wife and there are 6 lin numbers on my scanned encashed cheque

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    • lord_labaku
      12-03 03:12 PM
      sorry to disappoint you... i dont have quixtar or amway and none you guys can be potential customers unless you are business people who need marketing help in the specific industry that i am in... so - no - i am not going to throw you a sales pitch if you respond with your wisdom...

      Hopefully your attitude is a little better towards actual potential customers, who are business people, who need marketing help in the specific industry that you are in.


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    • jay75
      06-17 03:20 PM
      Employer A:
      -Currently on their H1 (6th year fag end) and with an ongoing 485 proces 180 days passed.
      -Employer A is threatening to withdraw the I 140 if I move out from their company.

      Employer B:
      -Fortune Client where am currently working as a contractor
      -B is filing my H1 and would be offering me to use H1 or AC 21 to port to their company.

      I am transferring to company B upon H1 extension approval and then later use AC 21 when ever required.

      However, before I use AC 21, if the I 140 is revoked, am I still eligible to use AC 21?

      Does revoking I 140 by the employer after I 140 approval has any effect if I dont use AC 21 prior to revoking?

      If you have your 140 approved, then if Emp A withdraws may not cause any damage, but if your 140 is not approved and if Emp A withdraws it, certainly cause a big damage.

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    • sledge_hammer
      07-11 02:06 PM
      Jakub (glus),

      Good job on getting our message across. Good picture too! Finally we are seeing some faces behind the screen names.

      Funny? See below:

      The message was IV template...



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    • kart2007
      10-07 11:01 AM

      I am in exactly the same situation. I have received my renewal EAD but my spouse hasn't. Her EAD expires 4th November. USCIS told me to call back on 11th Oct which is 30 days after they sent it. I do not want to wait till 11th. I am pretty sure its lost in the mail.

      She is going to get a job offer next week, will she have any problems due to the fact that her EAD expires within 30 days?

      Also whats the best thing for me to do now?

      Please advise.

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    • fall2004us
      10-26 12:30 PM
      I am in the same boat...
      I saw LUDs yesterday and day before yesterday on my AP application..
      Hope they approve it soon.


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    • aniraj
      10-19 07:33 PM
      As per the FAFSA application to be eligible-non citizen one should have a valid I-94 with a valid parole stamp at the time of applying.
      My daughter is in same situation & I have applied for her AP. After she receives it I am planning to go to CANADA with her. she will re enter on her AP.

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    • GCSOON-Ihope
      10-17 09:56 AM
      Assuming I filed for I-485 before the retrogression mess.


      A co-worker and I applied together at exactly the same time.
      We got approvals for LC and I-140 within weeks of each other.
      Now, our PD became current in September 2006, he got approved a few days ago and...I found out I am stuck in the name check shit!
      FYI, his name is extremely common and mine is extremely rare (in my entire life, I have never met someone with the same name!), so go figure...:confused: :confused: :confused:

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    • aj_jadeja
      09-21 12:02 AM
      Interesting..If I visit VFS in person when I'm in Chennai, How soon will I get the appointment. My visa expires in Feb'07 and I'm going to Chennai for 3 weeks in Nov. So If I don't get appt I can always try for the next trip..

      As said they have seprate quota for 'Returning workers' . I have used it. I went to VFS on 23rd nov 2005 and got appt for 30th Nov 2005.

      Hope this helps ,


      02-28 11:38 AM
      CSPAN does not have it on their schedule yet.

      It was/is broadcast on:

      Hearing room Hart 216.


      07-26 11:44 AM
      will the fee go up if applied after july for EAD/AP?
      I am also waiting for 485 receipt.

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