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      Wayne Rooney. Something of a talismanic player. Very much a polarizer. Many love him. Many dont. Both in the United fanbase, and out. A player of no small talent, and a prodigious work rate when he is on his game, he has quite often cut a forlorn figure for United this year.

      After a stunning season last year, despite not winning the league, he still bagged a large hat-full of goals. His career has ranged from many highs, including many trophy wins, and many lows, from injuries and suspensions.

      This year has seen Rooney struggle with form. Recently, there has been some flickers of the Rooney of old, including against City, with the wonderful overhead goal he scored, but it was finally in the away game against West Ham that saw him begin to break out.

      He bagged a wonderful hattrick, with a free kick, one from open play, then to wrap it up, stuffed home a penalty. Problem was, in the process of celebrating with his team mates, a camera was in his face, and he decided to launch into a foul-mouthed tirade. This is not the first time, after he launched into a rant against England fans after getting booed off after the Algeria game.

      Now, I am not going to excuse the guy. He should be punished. I know, heat of the moment and all that, tempers are high, blah, blah, blah... But as someone in the public eye, he KNOWS people are watching him. You just have to see how players in the Premier League argue and harass the ref, and then see reports of an increase in the same activities in Sunday League football to realise that there is something of a trickle-down effect.

      Rooney is watched. His actions are seen. His position makes him influential. One other thing I have here is that many people say this was deliberate. He ran to a camera and launched his tirade down it. Now, take a look at this picture...

      Does that look like a guy has has run TO a camera? No. The camera went to him. It was when he realised the camera was on him that he then launched into his rant. So, not quite as premeditated as some people want to make it out...

      But, a 2 game ban? Thats silly. It is all wrong.

      Through Rooney's actions, did he actually physically hurt anyone? No. Did his actions influence the progression of the game? No. He did not foul anyone, no-one was carted off injured. Indeed, Rooney's actions directly led to United winning the game! So, a 2 game ban does not really hurt Rooney, but does punish United.

      Rooney will come back from this suspension rested and ready to go for the final few games of the season. In the meantime, United will have to go into the FA Cup Semi-final game without access to one of their top goal scorers. United have been punished. Rooney? Not really. He has not lost out. He will still get his weekly paypacket. Still go to the training ground. Still his usual routine. Nothing will change. A couple of games off for a rest, then back to work properly.

      Many will say making him miss games will punish him. Nah. Not really. He has a long term deal at United. He will be in many more to come. United beat Fulham to keep the pressure on Arsenal, so when he comes back, he could help United to the Premier League title. Also, United have the players to do the business against City in the FA Cup semi, so when he returns, it could very well be for an FA Cup final as well! 

      Off the field, he has lost out, with Coca Cola announcing they are cancelling their contract with him. However, given that he is still claiming £250,000 a week from United, and his other sponsors such as Nike, Harper Collins, and others are still standing beside him, I dont think the loss of Coca Cola will make him weep in financial strife...

      Also, the ban is domestic, so he is still available for United's second leg against Chelsea in the Champions League quarter final back at Old Trafford. 

      to me, a ban is pretty pointless. He will sit on the bench, fume, then just come back angry. If the FA wanted to punish him then fine him. That way, HE is hurt, for his actions which where off the field of play and did not impact anyone else directly. A fine also means United are NOT punished, since this was Rooney's outburst, and nothing from the club itself. Or, the FA could get imaginative, and forced him into anger management, or some kind of etiquette programme. There are many innovative ways to deal with this, unfortunately, the media being the media got what they wanted Rooney's head (albeit temporarily). Problem for the FA now, is that as soon as someone else is seen on camera swearing, the media will be calling for its next head. And after what they did to Rooney, they have set themselves a dangerous precedent.
      Today's hottie is none other than the sexy, block-headed, striker for Manchester United, Wayne Rooney.  I don't care that he allegedly had sex with a prostitute, or that he's pale as a ghost.  I don't care that he's kinda funny looking, that he's going bald, or that he's not the norm when it comes to the hot factor...he's British & he looks like he can split the wood - that's good enough for me!  Wayne Rooney is a man's man & a bad ass - period.  I'm not saying at all that he is the greatest footballer on the planet, but just know this...Wayne Rooney is sex on wheels.

      Check out this video of Wayne Rooney bicycle kick from Manchester United's game Saturday Vs Manchester City. 
       Now, enough of the appetizer, let's move on to the entree, the obligatory pictures...

      End note...good grief!

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