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      Wayne Rooney said he is "gutted" he will miss the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City on 16 April after he failed to overturn a two-match ban. The Manchester United striker accepted the Football Association charge for swearing into a TV camera after scoring a hat-trick at West Ham last Saturday. But he appealed against the length of the suspension, calling it "excessive". I think the tabloids, especially The Sun, could not have made him into such a celebrity if his name had been Dave Smith or some such. I just think it rolls off the tongues of tabloid reporters. "Why -ane Roooneee" they yelp and off they go. He looks like a bruiser, plays like a bruiser and talks like a bruiser. They're made for each other!
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      Wayne Rooney Biography

      Wayne Mark Rooney is considered as one of the best young talents in world football. Wayne rooney currently plays for Manchester United F.C. and the England national football team as a striker. wayne rooney wears number 8 for the club back, the number 9 for the national team. Rooney grew up in a suburb of Liverpool called Croxteth, where he and his two brothers was educated at De La Salle School. As a player, wayne Rooney did not have the skill, speed and feeling a high goal, but also his physical strength is excellent.

      Wayne Rooney Biography
      The name of Wayne Rooney
      Date of birth October 28, 1985
      Birthplace Croxteth, Liverpool
      Position Striker
      Appearances 307
      Goals 139
      Joining the United August 31, 2004
      28 Sept 2004 debut VsFenerbahce
      England National Team

      Wayne Rooney shine at Old Trafford in September 2004, when making his debut in a red devil and netted the goal against Fenerbahce hatttrick. This moment is very special and unforgettable. Roney docked at United from Everton (his boyhood club) a few weeks before, and immediately jumped into Old Traford idol.

      Wayne rooney move from Everton is not just glittering appearance at Everton, but given the young age, talent, ability to print goalnya. Roney had been the target of United for a long time since I was 19 years. Debut at the Old Traford Rooney spelled great success. He ended the season with 19 goals in 48 games.

      Gemilangnya game at United made his name got a major place in the England team. Sven Gorran Erikson even to praise it as Pelenya England. Although the 2006 England world cup fairly unsuccessful, but the brilliance Roney continues in local competitions. He and United won the Carling Cup.

      2007/08 season of the year Cristiano Ronaldo's presence had united public attention and news about United, but Rooney still consistent with the performance and loyalty as well as capable of contributing 18 goals in premier league and four goals at the European level. The presence of three deadly trio Roney, Tevez and C. Ronaldo is one of the key factors in a red devil grabbed the title of 'Premier League and Champions League double triumph.

      But it's not just a goal to Wayne that he favored loyal States. A tireless worker, Rooney always giving 100 percent and can not stand losing. They are traits that have, from time to time, landed him in hot water but Reds fans are recognizing the challenges are too eager impatience act weird or just a byproduct of great passion and will to win Rooney.

      Year 2000/10 Roney received individual awards as the "Player of the Year by the PFA (Association of professional players). In October 2010 he signed a new five-year contract that guarantees his future at Manchester United. 

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